Integration Requirements

Simple setup requiring nothing on your behalf.

Whether you’re using JobCirc to distribute your jobs to commercial or compliance boards, setup is fully automated and requires nothing on your behalf. JobCirc uses extremely advanced web scraping technology to scrape your company’s public corporate career website on a nightly basis. Our system automatically detects changes in jobs, new jobs and deleted jobs and processes each one of these items. This means that there is no need for you to integrate JobCirc with your applicant tracking system like you do with many other providers.

JobCirc can setup your company in just a few days. If you are posting to commercial boards, you’ll tell us what indicators you’ll use to signify what job should be going out to which board. This can be done by adding any text of your choosing to your job listing. So, for example, you’d like Requisition #123 to be sent to Monster, you’ll type “#4d6” or “+Monster” at the bottom of the ad – anything you want. Our automated scraping system will pick this up and send the job to Monster. Once the job is deactivated or this text is removed from the listing, our system will automatically remove the job from Monster.

Setup for our OFCCP Compliance Services package is just as simple. We send all of your US-based jobs to our Compliance partners and the state workforce agencies by default. We will register any state job board accounts necessary to post your jobs out and keep your company OFCCP-compliant. Our QA team will ensure that each and every job your company posts is fully processed to meet all OFCCP posting and outreach requirements.

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